Airport Advertising

Target the right audience! The Greater Binghamton Airport is the one place in south central New York perfect for targeting local business and political leaders. Two thirds of passengers in/out of the Greater Binghamton Airport are business travelers. Additionally, air travelers exceed the national average for income, business responsibility, and decision making influence, and spend 1-2 hours in the airport prior to boarding.

Available options:

  • Pillars of the Community: Pillars in highly trafficked areas of the airport designed to showcase important educational, business, and cultural partners of our community.
  • Illuminated Signs: Brilliant, illuminated light boxes (several recessed in maple panels) and strategically located in high trafficked areas.
  • Phone Board: Attractive, architecturally designed phone board with illuminated signs and two phone lines to dial directly to your business.
  • Kiosks: Museum quality cases for displaying two and three dimensional items; each unit has adjustable shelves and directional lighting.
  • Miscellaneous: South wall adjacent to check-in with center back-lit panel and two side display wood-framed cabinets and vertical signs on baggage carousel columns.

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